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    Find out what makes ACE so different!.

    America's Premier Steel Rule Die Maker.

    Proudly serving the Steel Rule Die Industry for over 59 years!
    Our philosophy of incorporating the latest equipment and technologies with unmatched hands on experience allows us to deliver Award Winning Quality!

    We are a fully Automated Steel Rule Die Manufacturing facility.
    All Steel Rule Dies must exceed International Die Tolerance Codes before they have "ACE" burned on them.

    If that were not enough we offer the


    Free UPS ground shipping is standard at ACE.

    Proudly servicing The United States with steel rule dies, die cutting dies, laser dies, gasket cutting dies, and medical dies.
    We have Customers in ALL 50 states including New Jersey, California, New York, Illinois, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Massachusetts and Georgia. We also serve Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Europe!

    Need your Steel Rule Die Quote in a hurry?

    Give us a Call and get your price Immediately! No Waiting hours or even the next day to get a quote. We will call you back a soon as we receive your faxed drawing or emailed cad file.
    There is NO reason to have to wait for a quote.

    Attention Steel Rule Die Makers

    We also offer Bent Rule Only & Burn Only services to other Steel Rule Die Makers or in-house Die Makers that do not wish to bend or jigsaw certain jobs due to their complexity or quantities involved. The savings of having your rule bent or boards laser burnt by us and simply inserted into your dieboards can be tremendous compared to struggling by hand.

    We also do "Complete Dies" for jobs you might not have quoted for various reasons. Before you say no give us a call! We have both Laser Die and Gerber Profile dieboard systems to create our high tolerance dies.

    We are the Home of the Impossible Die

    Instant Quotes
    Sales 1-609-654-4161 or Fax 1-888-944-2720

    Believe it or Not
    That's 1 Piece Of Rule!

    Proud Member of the IDDA

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